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Ever wondered if you could sole your tax problems with the IRS? Or maybe you don’t know how to go about it? The first and most important thing you need to do if you want the IRS to favor you in stipulated tax resolutions is; Tax compliancy. You must be tax compliant. The next question that should come to your mind is; what is tax compliance?


tax compliance los angles taxTax compliance simply means paying your tax as well as providing and submitting accurate information to tax authorities in required formats and on time. IRS tax liabilities aren’t aimed at a set of people, it can happen to anyone. So, don’t think you’re the only one in this situation. Taxpayers on so many occasions call their tax lawyers for help when they are in tax crisis. Tax liabilities can happen for so many reasons such as; economic meltdown, family issues, poor finance management, sickness, inadvertent oversight, etc.


Getting tax resolution with offer in compromise and installment agreement isn’t quite difficult. All the IRS requires of you is to be tax compliant. You must fill all required fields in the unfiled tax returns. This is actually not difficult, but most taxpayers find it very difficult to do so. In some cases, they are fraudulent in filing their tax returns.

If you decide to do the right thing by filing the tax return properly; all you need do is place a call through to the IRS requesting for a ‘compliance check’. You will get a list of the years that need to be filed from a representative. Make sure you ask if IRS has filed some returns for those years. You will also need the following to assist you in filing; wage and income transcript, and account transcript. You will need these if you don’t have any record of your own for those non-compliant years.


Tax compliance for all federal tax deposits and quarterly estimated deposits applies to self-employed or business men. Wrong calculation or simple deposit error of the above named deposits which can be caused by a bunch of business and personal reasons make taxpayers run into problems. Most taxpayers use the money for these deposits for something else, hoping to make it back within the year, but they always end up with tax debt and damages.

Even if you fall out of compliance, don’t try to run away from it. Face the problem head-on, many people fall victim of this. School yourself on the rules of tax compliance or get the assistance of a tax attorney. This would prove very helpful.

Estimated Tax Payments for Individuals

If you want to get back on track with your tax compliance, you need to update all your estimated quarterly tax. Their due dates are; April 15th, June 15th, and September 15th of the corresponding year and 15th January of the next year. You can easily calculate how much your estimated tax payment should be. Simply check your previous tax return and divide your tax liability by four.

Your CPA can also help in calculating your estimates if you believe your next return to be more than the present one. You can also use the IRS estimated tax payment information at to get your estimated payments. This would be very helpful in eliminating liability reoccurrence on your returns to come.

Estimated Tax Deposits for Business

Every business man or taxpayer also needs to be up-to-date with their required 941 employment tax deposits and 940 unemployment tax deposits. This should be in addition to your quarterly tax payment. It can also be of an advantage to make quarterly estimated payments for future return years. This doesn’t really change anything, but you can still do it.

You can pay your 941 employment tax deposits either; semi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It all depends on the wage allocated to each quarter. You can check-out the IRS Notice 931 for assistance in filing and payments.

You ca easily avoid tax problems resulting to; wage garnishments, bank levies, and tax liens by simple tax compliance. The IRS uses tax return and estimated tax compliance to checkmate taxpayers, to make sure they don’t incur tax debt at tax times.

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